Dangerous Entertainment News – Saturday, July 30

Hello all, and welcome to a weekend edition of the DEN. Unfortunately I couldn’t squeeze one in yesterday, so here you are. You’re welcome. Let me just say that today there is a heavy dose of /Film. I mean, we all know they’re the best movie outfit out there, so it’s natural, but still. LOT of /Film today. Just sayin.

Hell on Wheels Rolls Onto AMC in November (Hitfix) – I previewed Hell on Wheels a while back as a promising new show on AMC. Now, it finally has a release date. AMC has let me down somewhat lately, what with Darabont leaving The Walking Dead and that piece of shit show, The Killing. Let’s hope that this is a step back in the right direction

Press Tour: AMC Executive on The Killing controversy, The Walking Dead Shuffle (Hitfix) – Hey, remember when we were talking about that piece of shit The Killing and what a ridiculous showrunner Veen Sud was? Yeah, it was 30 seconds ago, but now we’re back on it. AMC now says that they would do a few things differently, but as Sepinwall points out here, there are bigger problems with The Killing than just the (spoiler) lack of closure in the season 1 finale. I’m never going back, so I could give a shit, but I still think it’s fun to badmouth the show and Sud. I’m sure she’s a very lovely person in real life, but she has no business as a showrunner.

Kevin Bacon is the Heavy in R.I.P.D. (/Film) – This film is slowly rounding into something pretty interesting. I’ve never read the comic books, but the dead detective angle is a good one. Now, Bacon was fantastic as Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class, so I think he’ll be a great addition as the villain here.

Tower Heist Trailer (A.V. Club) – I don’t want to talk about this too much as it’s on topic for the Bobcast today, but I really want his movie to be good. It’s been a while since Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy were funny, so it would be a nice gift to us all if they came through for a change. The film stars Stiller, Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Alan Alda, and Precious. We shall see how it works out.

LOL: Jason Alexander Begs Assistance for the Netflix Relief Fund (/Film) – This is actually from Funny or Die, but I did find it on /Film. I think it’s hilarious that people are making such a huge stink over Netflix rising to $16 a month. Either shut the hell up and drop the discs or go get a second job to get that extra $72 per year.

Do Not Blink or You Will Miss The Avengers In This Clip (Badass Digest) – We talked a little on last week’s Bobcast about the Avengers teaser on the end of Captain America, but they have released an abbreviated version. Since you literally have 3 seconds to see everyone on screen, BD was nice enough to provide screen-shots of everyone so that you can take a gander. Now, if they would only release the entire trailer that would be swell.

Napoleon Encounters a Liger and Kip Takes a Bath in New Clips From Napoleon Dynamite: The Animated Series (/Film) – Sweet and sour Jesus! What the hell is the world coming to when Fox thinks it’s a good idea to turn on of it’s old properties into a cartoon so that they can milk a little more money out of it’s shriveled teat. Honestly, was anyone clamoring for more Napoleon Dynamite? No. The Hess’s (filmmakers, not the family of the former Nazi) have done absolutely nothing of value since this, so naturally they are returning to their only successful property. Seriously, watch the first video. It is super painful.

Metallica Announces 30th Anniversary Shows for $6 a Ticket (Hitfix) – Speaking of things that were popular a long time ago. Honestly, I’d rather keep the $6 and I’m sure I’m not in the minority on that one. Lars Ulrich can eat a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned.

This Week in Trailers: Pearl Jam Twenty, Kill List, The Enemy Within, El Congo Manuel, Rebirth (/Film) – A compilation of all the new trailers released in the past week, many of which we have already featured here on The Danger Blog, but in case you missed them, here you go.

Flight of the Navigator Was Released 25 Years Ago Today (/Film) – You’re welcome.


Bobcast Ep. 12 – Captain America, Fuck Yeah

The A stands for awesome.

In episode 12, Bob and Pete discuss Captain America:The First Avenger and where it ranks in the super hero movies of the summer. The guys also discuss the news of the week, including John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe, the amazingness that is the Drive trailer, and whether or not The Danger Blog should have its own booth at Comic Con 2012.

Guide to Episode 12

0:00 – Intro

03:20 – Dangerous Entertainment News of the week – ComicCon, Jurassic Park 4, Walking Dead Season 2, Cusack in The Raven, Prometheus images appear, Star Wars Blu Ray set, Joe Johnston & Boba Fett, Drive Trailer, Amazing Spider-Man

1:00:30 – Captain America: The First Avenger Review (spoiler alert)

1:17:00 – Outro

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Han Shoots First, Last and Always on Jimmy Kimmel

Holy shit, this just made my day.

If you haven’t seen it yet, hit play on the clip below and enjoy the best thing Harrison Ford has done in ages. With the exception of ‘Extraordinary (I already work around the clock!!!) Measures.’ I jest of course. Click the damn video already and then let’s talk.

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Dangerous Entertainment News – Wednesday, July 27

Um, this is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Hey there and welcome to the DEN. Today’s version is choc-full of quality movie news so you don’t have to go digging around the interwebs. Who are we kidding? You are going to go digging around the interwebs anyway, but that’s ok. Now, to the news, straight away!

Glen Mazzara is Your New The Walking Dead Showrunner (/Film) – Um, what? The way that they fix a crappy end to Season 1 that reportedly did not have enough Darabont involvement is to get rid of Darabont? Sweet Jebus, things are not looking up for the Walking Dead. Yikes!

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This Movie’s A ‘Trip’

'Gentlemen to bed! For we rise at 9:30. Ish."

If you are going to make a movie about a rich, smart comic actor that is basically about how that actor isn’t quite as famous or respected as he wants to be, you better make that guy likable. Yet we have the case of Steve Coogan in The Trip, where he plays a dour, occasionally mean version of himself while pulling off a performance that hits most of the right buttons in regards to fame, success, friendship and the natural human anxiety inherent in each of those subjects.

I’m not meaning to get too deep here. The Trip is, without question, a winning comedy with genuine laughs. Coogan and his buddy, fellow comedian Rob Brydon, travel the English countryside eating at the finest restaurants for a magazine piece. Both men play versions of themselves, creating a mock film in a style that’s part Curb Your Enthusiasm and part Extras, the Ricky Gervais show about the absurdity and allure of fame. The Coogan of the film is depressed because he has split up with his girlfriend, and also because he isn’t as popular in America as he’d like. As the film unfolds, we quickly learn that the latter is consuming him more. As if to hammer this home, Coogan pairs himself with the affable Brydon, a successful comic impressionist happy in his own skin. Brydon’s job here is to break the clouds with impressions of Michael Caine, Al Pacino, Woody Allen and more that will have you choking with laughter. When Coogan gets that gleam in his eye and plays along, the film becomes downright magical, two clear talents riffing with a force that takes The Trip to a special place. (See it if only for the “We rise at daybreak” scene alone).

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Dangerous Entertainment News – Monday, July 25

Yup, Drive is gonna be THAT good.

Hello all, and welcome back to the DEN. Today’s DEN is coming at you a little late due to some extra lag time at the office, but to make up for it I am hitting you up with more info in a quick hit fashion. I will apologize in advance for not including my usual token insight and witty banter, but you only love me because I’m good looking anyway. Without more ado, your entertainment news . . .

New Hulk Revealed, Looks Like Other Hulks. Also: Full Avengers Character Poster Line-up (Badass Digest) – I mean, did you really expect me to start out with anything else? So much for a less CGI Hulk though unless Mark Ruffalo has been on the Jose Bautista diet. In case you missed it, that was a steroids joke. We’re back!

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The Adjustment Bureau Review

Adjusted or wasted?

Matt Damon is an interesting guy. His film career has taken the path in which he weaves big successful films in with much crappier fare. I mean, the guy has been in films like Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, Oceans 11, and most recently the Coen brothers magnificent True Grit remake. Then again, he has been in movies like Stuck on You, Dogma, The Brothers Grimm, and Oceans 12 which are so bad that they beg the question of why they were made in the first place? Damon is an interesting character because there is always the possibility of something great in his films, but there is also the possibility of severe disappointment. Sure, this exists with most actors/actresses in Hollywood, but usually they fall primarily on one end of the scale or another. Damon is sitting right in the middle of the see-saw.

When commercials and trailers for The Adjustment Bureau began to air, I immediately knew that it was not a movie I would pay $10 to see. I had a strong suspicion that it was going to be one of those Damon films that everybody was better off not seeing and there was no way I was going to waste a movie ticket on that. When it came out on video and On Demand recently though, I gave it a second thought. As I was cruising through the On Demand menu late last night, looking for something to watch, I stumbled onto it again and decided to give it a go. I mean, there was always the possibility it was decent right? That possibility always exists with Damon. Plus, Emily Blunt was in it, so at least I got to spend some time with her as well. I clicked purchase and soon thereafter regretted the decision. I should point out that there are SPOILERS below, so if you still want to be surprised by The Adjustment Bureau, then good luck because it is not that kind of film. No, I jest. If you do not want to have the major plot points ruined, I would recommend you come back a little later.

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Dangerous Entertainment News – Thursday, July 21

I think I just assembled in my pants (courtesy of Badass Digest)

Welcome back to the DEN, friends. While some of you are hopefully off enjoying the wonders of Comic Con 2011, I am here in Boston writing this, editing another podcast, and preparing for Wordcamp Boston this upcoming weekend. Why? So that I can bring you the finest in movie and TV blogging. No, no, I do not require any thanks. I am a man of the people, even if all you people are off in San Diego. Onto the news . . .

Avengers Assemble . . . And Tease (Badass Digest) – Man (and ladies), I am so psyched for this movie that I can hardly contain myself. Now that the Dark Knght Rises trailer has officially underwhelmed me, this is the top of my wish list for movies in the next year. I was a huge Marvel comic book fan growing up and the Avengers were always kind of drool-worthy to me because I was such a Captain America fan. Thinking about Cap at the head of a super group that we have seen being assembled gradually over the last three years has truly been something special as well. What a brilliant plan of attack. Captain America is the last piece before the entire puzzle is revealed next summer and I have a really good feeling that it is going to be amazing. We all know what Joss Whedon is capable of and to give him a ginormous budget, great stable of actors, and pretty much everything else he needs to knock this out of the park, well, let’s just say that this might be something special. I am seriously getting just a little shaky just thinking about it. Captain America opens this weekend and I am almost as excited for the teaser trailer afterwards as I am for the movie itself.

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Right This Instant!

Dollhouse, indeed. (courtesy of screenjunkies.com)

Well, for those of you that have listened to the podcast for this week, Pete and I promised to share with you our lists of the best things on Netflix Instant right now. For those of you still complaining about the fact that your rate went up 60%, when was the last time you actually sent back and received a new DVD from Netflix? Yeah, me neither. So downgrade to the Instant plan, save yourself a couple of bucks, and heed our excellent advice below so that you have hours upon hours of entertainment at your cheap-assed fingertips. Also, let’s get the dialogue going and share your favorites below!

Pete’s Picks

The Good
The IT Crowd – Consistently funny BBC program about to enter its 5th series. Do your internal laugh track a favor and check it out, if you haven’t already.
It’s a Bikini World – One of the last of the ‘Beach’ movies from the 60s, this one just has some crazy, campy charm to it. No Frankie and Annette, but rather Deborah Walley and Tommy Kirk, who pulls a Peter Brady and tries to be two guys at once to win the girl. This flick also features a few random music performances by some decent acts of the day, most notably the Animals doing ‘We Gotta Get Out of This Place’, The Castaways performing ‘Liar, Liar’ and The Gentrys, featuring a young Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart! I shit you not. There are also go-go dancers, girls dancing in bikinis and Sid Haig, who some may know as Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ and ‘House of 1000 Corpses’. And, in another bit of trivia, Bobby Pickett stars as Tommy Kirk’s best friend Woody. His claim to fame? He recorded ‘Monster Mash’. The plot is irrelevant, but if you’ve ever had any desire to watch a ‘Beach’ movie or just interested in catching a slice of a bygone era, check this one out. I’ve seen this thing a few times now and it’s always fascinating. Go daddy-o!
The Eh
Black Death – Dark and possibly supernatural tale starring everyone’s favorite chain mail/codpiece wearer, Sean Bean, about a group of knights sent by the Church to investigate a town in the forest that has somehow avoided being afflicted by the plague. Maybe they just had the number of a really good plumber. Shot in Germany, ‘Black Death’ is suitably moody and features some inspired cinematography, but it ultimately fizzles as it reaches the third act. The epilogue is a bit intriguing, however. I wish I could recommend this more, but as it is, it’s a rainy Sunday time waster.
The Ugly
Bloodsport 4 – Don’t ask what happened to Bloodsport’s 2 and 3. While you’re at it, don’t ask what happens in ‘Bloodsport 4’ either. Laughably bad and done on the cheap, Daniel Bernhardt is a poor man’s Van Damme. One might go so far as to say a penniless man’s Van Damme. Bonus points for the director attempting to pass off the obvious Eastern European locations as America and Bernhardt’s detective partner and apparent love interest belting out ‘I love you!’ as she sits alone, drinking herself into a stupor because she believes he’s been killed. This happens moments after she tells her boss in no uncertain terms there’s no way he’s dead. There are a few roundhouse kicks and something resembling a prison kumite in this, but by that point I was dangerously close to getting a visit by the ghost of Kevorkians past.
100 Tears – My attempt to enjoy a bad slasher film was foiled by this ridiculous mess of a movie that blew all its budget on karo syrup. Wanna know how to de-creepify clowns? Watch this movie. The killer clown uses a cleaver that’s half the size of his body, which could generously be described as the opposite of slim. The blood flows freely and body parts fly, but it’s more laughable than scary. There is no tension. The clown does this weird head tilt after he’s hacked another victim that’s supposed to echo Michael Myers, but the actor can’t pull it off and it looks more like he’s got a pinched nerve in his neck. The director’s attempt to portray the ‘easy banter’ between the male and female co-leads, who are reporters tracking down the killer clown story, is to have the guy rip a fart in the woman’s face as she’s doing crunches on the floor of his apartment. Her response is to threaten to take a shit on his pillow. That about sums it up. The guy looks like the lead singer from Smash Mouth after a 12-hour shift at Country Buffet and the woman is a semi-hot lady of Greek descent. We’re supposed to believe there may be something going on between the two, although thank Christ it’s never shown on screen. This is not so bad it’s good. This is so bad why are my eyes bleeding?
Bob’s Picks
Top 10
Macgyver – one of the defining TV shows of my childhood and should be of yours (shaking fist).
Psych – just a feel good show that is well acted, well written, and always enjoyable.
The Sting – Newman, Redford, that is all you need to know.
Futurama – constantly underrated and miscompared to the Simpsons, but this is a good show in its own right.
Sherlock: Series 1 – You haven’t heard? Watch immediately.
Die Hard – simply one of the best action movies of all time.
Scrubs – again, well-written, well-acted, and quirky enough to keep you coming back. Plus, Sarah Chalke.
Kick-Ass – if you haven’t seen this yet, stop reading this article and watch Sherlock . . . then Kick-Ass.
The Stand – one of the best mini-series and book adaptations of all time. Still stands up.
Lost – seasons 1-4 are as good as nearly anything ever put on TV.
Honorable Mention
Kids in the Hall – classic sketch-comedy from Canada. Good for them.
Archer – simply one of the funniest shows (not cartoons) on TV.
Drawn Together – formerly one of the funniest shows on TV.
Dollhouse – Joss Whedon never quite gets his due, but this was vastly underrated. Plus, Eliza Dushku.
Next Up on the Wish List
Dr. Who
Friday Night Lights
Four Lions
Parks and Rec
Ken Burns’ Baseball

Dangerous Entertainment News – Tuesday, July 19

Anyone who doesn't enjoy this is not your friend (courtesy of /FIlm and TeeFury)

Hey there, hi there, ho there. Wow, we have a whole lotta DEN for you today. While most websites are sleeping (well, besides the ones below), The Danger Blog is continually bringing you the content you demand. Yes, you Steve, because you are the only person reading and frankly you don’t have to be such a jerk about it. I’m just saying. Enjoy . . .

Page 2: Kill Bill, Muppets, Blade Runner, Jaws, Pixar, Star Wars, Ryan Gosling, The Jetsons, Royal Tenenbaums, Toy Story, John Carter (/Film) – Wow, that was a mouthfull. The beautiful pic above is of course from the good folks at /Film and there are lots of other great tidbits in here like some sick Muppets art. Isn’t it great that we are becoming so geek classy?

Take Me to the Pilots ’11: CBS’ Person of Interest (Hitfix) – Is it just me or does that sound like something that would get you tacked by an Air Marshall REAL fast? I think that this (along with The River and Alcatraz perhaps) looks like one of the most interesting shows coming this fall. Michael Emerson can be a badass when he wants to be and paired with Caviezel just sounds like a good match. Then again, it’s on CBS, so who the fuck knows?

Stephen King “Not Really Surprised” About Dark Tower Roadblock – Exclusive (EW) – I would just like to point out that 1) it’s great news to hear that Ron Howard is so dedicated to this project and that King thinks it will land somewhere in its intended form. Some studio is going to make a buttload of money on this one. 2) It’s not really an exclusive as I’d be willing to bet King at least told his family. So suck it EW.

/Film is Going to the 2011 San Diego Comic Con (/Film) – Oh yeah /Film? Well . . . you win this round (and every previous round, just to be fair), but next year TDB fully expects to be part of Comic Con and that is if I don’t decide to start Danger Con in San Francisco at the same exact time. San Diego? Pfffffft. More like North Mexico.

New Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Poster Might Require Ovaltine Decoder Ring (EW) – You have to admit, this poster is pretty sick. I think this film is going to be a sleeper hit, but then again, if it is any good then nobody will actually go see it. Oh well.

Hunger Games Releases an Incendiary Teaser Poster (Hitfix) – Don’t get too worked up. By incendiary they mean it’s in flames and not Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress as I originally thought when I read this. I’m still torn about this movie. I hate pretty much everything I’ve read about the books and yet I still find Jennifer Lawrence incredibly attractive. Decisions, decisions. The poster is pretty cool, though I have no idea how they would be able to pull it off in a theater.

Randy and Evi Quaid Won’t Be Extradited, Should Just Stay Right There Because Everything is Fine Now (A.V. Club) – Holy shit this is funny. Is it just me or does this sound like the beginning of a bad CBS sitcom like The Big Bang Theory? Also, Randy Quaid can’t do better than that chick? Really? The man was in Christmas Vacation for christ’s sake and he’s pulling harpies like that?

General Hospital Alum Joins Days of Our Lives – Exclusive (EW) – Ahahahahahahahahaaha. Can you imagine websites that waste their time on this shit? It’s like the newspapers reporting on the Pittsburgh Pirates trading someone to the Blue Jays. Noone cares guys. In other news, this person whose name I have already forgot is pretty cute though.

Robert Redford and Shia LaBeouf Starring in Political Thriller The Company You Keep (/Film) – This article’s original title was “Robert Redford announces ‘Adopt a Hollywood Douchebag’ program to get Hollywood’s trash off the streets and try to turn their lives around.” If anyone can do it, it’s Robert Redford. Look what he did for Brad Pitt.

First Look at ABC’s New Once Upon a Time Trailer. Charming? (EW) – Um, no. This looks like a huge pass to me. From what I’ve read, Fables is almost the exact same thing only done well. There’s a lot of this fable/storytime cross-over stuff happening now and this sounds like the bottom of the barrell, no matter how cute Ted’s girlfriend from this past seasons of HIMYM is.

New Concept Art Continues to Tease the Return of Riddick (/Film) – One word: artsy. Two more: you’re welcome.